West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village to get new house

The West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village in Suffolk, England, with its sunken-featured buildings, has been an important archaeological site since 1965 and a tourist attraction with reconstructed buildings since 1999. Now a new house will be built to replace one that is "beyond repair." (photos)

The open-air village features re-enactors demonstrating life in Anglo-Saxon Britain in the early medieval period, and 69 reconstructed buildings. The new building, which will replace one that is badly damaged, will be constructed using tools and techniques that would have been available to villagers from the 5th through 7th centuries.

"West Stow is an experimental archaeological site, so we are experimenting all the time with the construction to see what would have been used 1,500 year ago and what would have succeeded in the sandy soil," said Sarah Broughton, chairwoman of the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village trust.