An SCA Challenge

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva of the Kingdom of Northshield has posed a challenge to SCA members in her kingdom and to the Known World: Do five things to better the SCA and your experience of it.

Her Excellency writes:

I put forth the following to my household and we agreed that it was worth putting out to more of the kingdom.

I challenge each of you to see what you can do to make the SCA in your neck of the world a better place and try a bunch of stuff that might challenge you at the same time. Within a year, let's say from now until the end of December 2015, I challenge each of you to do at least 5 things from the following list:

  1. Volunteer at 1 event or more (this can be a big job or just working Gate or washing dishes or being a royalty room guard or retainer)
  2. Start a new project and finish it
  3. Teach a class (either at an event or in your local group)
  4. Write at least one award recommendation
  5. Display something that you have made (whether in a competition or just at an A&S display)
  6. Pay it forward by making something for someone else and giving it to them just cuz
  7. Offer a ride, a meal, or some time to a newcomer to help them find their way in the SCA
  8. Bring some kind of small token (a bead, a piece of ribbon, something you've made--doesn't have to be much or very fancy) to an event and give them out when you see an act of kindness or chivalry.
  9. Write something for your group's newsletter (or the Northwatch) or even just for the Northshield e-list and FB group. This can be a how-to, a book review, an event chronicle, or something you really like about the SCA.
  10. Update your profile on the Northshield website (including adding events you plan on attending)
  11. Finish a project that you have meant to finish for a long time.

I'm hoping that this all sounds like something that is more fun than onerous. I won't be keeping score though I'd love to hear progress as you go along. I'd like to think that this challenge could enhance everybody's game.

Feel free to pass this challenge on within your own groups (or even to other kingdoms).


Shava (and the Family Uphold)

-- I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~ justShava

Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP, 13th Viscountess of Northshield