Two Medieval Monks Invent Maps: A lesson in cartography

The Toast website offers an imagined conversation between two monks creating world maps. Start (or end) your day right with Two Medieval Monks Invent Maps, a bit of medieval humor.

From the website (minus illustration):

MONK #2: what are you drawing right now Asia?
MONK #1: yeah
MONK #2: you should put in a warning about lions because there might be lions there in Asia and people need to know
MONK #1: are there lions in Asia?
MONK #2: yeah probably. I mean if I were a lion that’s the first place I’d go
MONK #1: okay I’ll put something in there
MONK #2: draw him bigger
MONK #1: what?
MONK #2: Draw the lion bigger just in case the lions there are also giants
MONK #1: how do you know the lions there are giants?
MONK #2: I mean how do you know the lions there aren’t giants
MONK #1: good point