Why do so few Laurels recognize onomastics as a science when we require the opinions of onomasts to register names?  Laurels appear to consider naming as some thing heralds do--while Pelicans consider it a service.  What other "service" has professorships?  I personally know three professors in onomastics.  I am seeking to ascertain whether any onomast has ever been recognized by the Laurelate for work in onomastics.  I have had several false leads (the recognition was always for work in the culture--not in the names per se).  

If I do not get a fairer response from my next paper, I am considering returning my green belt and dropping out of name consultation altogether.  My papers have normally been veted by previous presentation at an international onomastic conference.  I prepared my final(?) paper for the 2014 ICOS in Glasgow this year but had computer problems and could not register.  I'll be too old (78) by the  next ICOS (2017 in Hungary).

HE Colm Dubh, Black Dove Herald Extraordinaire