Madison, Wisconsin: Hub of geekery and activism

What is it about Madison, Wisconsin that attracts passionate followers of such geek genres as gaming, steampunk and the SCA, and why do such folk become politically active? In a feature article for Isthmus the Paper, Julia Burke interviews gamers and con attendees about their culture and activism.

From the article:

Madison sits at an apex of the political, the quirky and the passionate -- and that intersection is no more apparent than in the city's multiple manifestations of what you might call geek culture. Get a group of people in a room together who are very, very excited about the thing they love -- whether that's Star Trek or historical fiction or anarchist activism or gaming -- and the energy is palpable.

So while Madison's geeky side is distinct from its political character, there's no small amount of overlap. And perhaps Madison's geeks, galvanized by the large numbers of visitors who are drawn to events like Ring Game and WisCon, are uniquely equipped to address the city's political and social issues with imagination, creativity and an obsessive interest in what makes things tick.