Kickstarter project to publish book on Japanese heraldry

SCA member and medieval Japan enthusiast Xavid has started a kickstarter project to fund the English translation of a book on Japanese Heraldry with over 200 full-color reproductions.

From the website:

The Source
O-umajirushi is the earliest surviving color compendium of Japanese crests and heraldry. It's a 205-page book, in six scrolls, published circa 1624-1644 by a monk named Kyūan. At the time, wood block printing was just starting to allow for widespread distribution of books in Japan. O-umajirushi took advantage of this technology to make color reproductions of the various banners and other devices used by 170 different samurai commanders.

This Project
While Japanese crests have been in use for over a thousand years, most resources available today, both in Japanese and English, focus on modern and late Edo period usage, ignoring this rich history. With this project, I hope to do my part to make this history more accessible.

I will produce an annotated English translation of O-umajirushi. The core of this book will be full color reproductions of all 205 pages of the original source, courtesy of the National Diet Library of Japan. I will translate all of the names, captions, and other text in the source. Pages will be presented in right-to-left order, reflecting the order in the original scrolls.