Calontir to Have Kingdom License Plates

SCA members in Missouri will soon have the option to purchase Kingdom of Calontir license plates for their vehicles. According to the Calontir list, the process is now is place to order Kingdom of Calontir license plates in the state of Missouri. For each plate, a donation of $25 will be given to the Kingdom. The design was submitted by Their Majesties of Calontir and the donation process has been set up by the Kingdom. Lord Brockman, the License Plate Deputy, plans to submit all of the initial applications in one bundle. Forms will be available at the Kris Kensor event or at local license plate offices.

To order Kingdom of Calontir license plates, you will need:

* $25 for the donation to the Kingdom
* $15 for the license app.
* Your choices for what your license will say

These plates are not available for trailers or RVs.