"Hoisting a beer" with the SCA

In a recent interview as part of the "Alter Egos" series. NPR Morning Edition's David Greene spoke with Franklin Slaton of Birmingham, Alabama, known in the SCA as Baron Cynred of Gwent. The interview is available as a podcast or in print.

From the interview:

GREENE: When you're not sword fighting, how are you spending your time?

SLATON: When you're not sword fighting, you'd be back at camp, maybe, working on some type of leather work or wood work. But, quite frankly, the greater part of time not spent fighting is usually spent around a campfire kinking, drinking and talking about fighting.

GREENE: Well, that sounds good - I got a say. I might stick to that not the sword fighting. It sounds great.

SLATON: You've hit on it. That's the beauty of the SCA. You can beat a guy to death. You can kill him on the field, and then later that night, you hoist a beer with him.

GREENE: I love it.

SLATON: We've got a mead horn waiting for you.