Caelin on Andrede's Pennsic 43 photos online

Master Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted his photos from Pennsic 43. The albums may be viewed on Flickr.

Caelin on Andrede writes:

I've finally gotten the Pennsic photos processed and uploaded.

The standard disclaimers apply. You may use them for any non-profit, SCA use as long as you provide attribution to Richard Threlkeld, Caelin on Andrede, or Betsy Marshall. They are darker than usual because Pennsic was darker this year. I also was teaching most of the time (CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, an Instructor Development course, and challenges), so there are less than 2,000 photos. But some of them are good.


Caelin on Andrede
mka: Richard Threlkeld