Soldiers' kits through the centuries

The British newspaper The Telegraph recetly published a history feature showcasing British soldiers' kits through the centuries. The feature consists of a slideshow of the complete set and an annotated list of each item.

Included in the feature are:

  • 1066 huscarl, Battle of Hastings
  • 1244 mounted knight, Siege of Jerusalem
  • 1415 fighting archer, Battle of Agincourt
  • 1485 Yorkist man-at-arms, Battle of Bosworth
  • 1588 trainband caliverman, Tilbury
  • 1645 New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby
  • 1709 private sentinel, Battle of Malplaquet
  • 1815 private soldier, Battle of Waterloo
  • 1854 private soldier, Rifle Brigade, Battle of Alma
  • 1916 private soldier, Battle of the Somme
  • 1944 lance corporal, Parachute Brigade, Battle of Arnhem
  • 1982 Royal Marine Commando, Falklands conflict
  • 2014 close-support sapper, Royal Engineers, Helmand Province