Midrealm mourns passing of THL Mathildis De'Ath

The Honorable Lady Mathildis De'Ath (modernly Sally Hoff Schneider), a kind and courteous lady of the Current Middle Ages and of the modern world, passed away on September 9 at the age of 70.

Mathildis was a long-time member of the SCA and helped to found the shire of Border Keep, part of the Barony of Middle Marches and modernly located in southeastern Ohio. Her gentle demeanor and kind heart touched many, and yet within she was a strong and proud lady with a core of steel. Mathildis gave long years of service to Pennsic War, both in official capacities and unofficially as one who quietly volunteered to help, and she was always at hand when work was to be done at local events. Her wisdom and thoughtful insights made Mathildis a calming influence in resolving interpersonal differences.

Her devoted service earned her first an Award of Arms, then two Awards of the Purple Fret, and finally the Order of the Dragon's Heart. Her heraldic arms were Per bend sinister vert and argent, a swan counterchanged, on a chief argent a feather reversed vert.

The link below is to her obituary at Ingram Funeral Home in St. Marys, WV, and a guest register page is available on their web site. Comments from SCA friends are welcome here on SCAtoday.net as well.