Emily Guendelsberger, reporting from Pennsic 43

"I am surprised to find that my iPhone is able to give me directions to Cariadoc’s Path and Fletcher Road, an intersection that only exists two weeks out of the year. It’s like finding Brigadoon on GPS," writes Emily Guendelsberger in an article for the Philadelphia CityPaper. Guendelsberger attended her first Pennsic in 2014 as a guest of the Barony of Bhakail.

The extensive article includes a number of photos taken by the author and interviews with attendees on a variety of subjects such as Casa Bardicci, Wolgemut and the origin of the song, Born on the List Field.

Unethical article

It should be noted that the author was specifically denied permission to attend Pennsic as a reporter and had an ethical obligation to inform readers (and, in my opinion, interviewees) of this fact. While the report is well written and largely complimentary, this ethical breach should not be ignored.