New Richard III exhibit sparks outcry

Historians and Richard III experts are outraged over an exhibit in the new Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester, England which features the armor of the warrior king painted white, making him look like a "Star Wars stormtrooper." (photos, video)

Also controversial was the depiction of the king in his grave which has been called "grotesque" and showing "a lack of respect for the dead."

Annette Carson, author of Richard III: The Maligned King, wrote: "Other grotesque exhibits include the white-painted depiction of the king’s armour resembling a stormtrooper from Star Wars, despite representatives of the council and university having attended the presentation by Dr Tobias Capwell in March 2013 where he described his armour and illustrated its actual probable appearance. As an example of the organisers’ taste in these matters, it was only by strenuous insistence that we removed the planned visual which was to greet visitors: the central throne was to be drenched in a sickening pool of blood which dropped down to form words written in blood on the floor below."