Sutton Hoo brooch replica added to exhibit

In the 1840s, a ploughman in Suffolk, England discovered what remained of an Anglo-Saxon gold brooch, and traded it for a set of teaspoons. Recently, as part of the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the Sutton Hoo ship burial, a replica of the brooch, complete with gold, silver, bone and garnet stones, has been included in the exhibit. (photo)

The original piece had been "plundered," stripped down to only its backing, but the replica, created by craftsman Dave Roper, recreates the brooch in something like its original beauty.

"It's definitely a piece of jewellery belonging to someone of immense status and very likely was from the same workshop which created the rest of the treasures at Sutton Hoo such as the shoulder clasp and warrior's helmet," said Ruaidhri O'Mahony, visitor manager at Sutton Hoo.