Leiston Abbey dig reveals gaming piece and curse tablet

Leiston Abbey in the 14th century must have been an interesting place, considering some artifacts found by volunteers during a two-week archaeological excavation in the summer of 2014, including a Nuremburg jetton "poker chip" and a metal tablet expected to contain a curse. (photos)

The Premonstratensian abbey was founded in the 12th century with the remaining ruins dating to 1363. Maiya Pina-Dacier, Dig Venture's community manager, said of the finds: "The jetton was used as an informal currency and it is evidence people were gaming." Curse tablets were believed to be of Romano-British origin. They were made of lead or pewter and were rolled-up containing an inscribed curse of someone who had wronged the author.

The volunteer participants in the dig also discovered a carved bone knife handle.