Aerial photography pinpoints lost Polish village

From the ground, a grassy area near the village of Niedźwiedziny in Wielkopolska, Poland, appears to be an ordinary field, but archaeologists believe differently. Recent aerial photographs show crops growing with the outlines of an oval-shaped medieval village.

Archaeologist Marcin Krzepkowski is working with the Regional Museum in Wągrowiec to analyze the findings of the study. "The published aerial photos are so accurate that have allowed to spot, in the fields near the village Niedźwiedziny, the crops with different colour, arranged in the shape of houses spread around a central square. I interpreted this system as a medieval urban layout," Krzepkowski told PAP News.

The layout of the village is typical of those constructed during the colonization of the "German law in the second half of the 13th century. The centre of this type of settlement was a square called half-village, often with a pond, sometimes a church or tavern."