SCA Banners Fly at Worldcon, London

Guy De Dinan reports on the extensive medievalist and SCA activities at the recently-concluded World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention ("Worldcon") held in London.

Guy writes:

Well, that was the Worldcon that was! Five days of talks, signings, workshops, panels, shopping and cosplay, including a strong medieval/medievalist stream. Over 10 000 people attended Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science-Fiction and Fantasy Convention, and the SCA was there.

First mooted at a gathering at Eastercon, Heathrow, in 2012, months of planning, negotiating between two different hobby cultures (and even interpreting the same language!) surmounted set-backs and brought together an able team from several Kingdoms.

The SCA banners have flown, many sign ups were received, even more flyers distributed, a lot of support from SCA conventioneers was received, including spontaneous help here and there with the stall and demo. Several SCA members walked off with Hall Costume display awards too. The fighter demo on the Saturday was well received and difficult to ignore! 

It was wonderful to meet so many SCAdians from so many Kingdoms who flew into London for the con. The support and pleasure at seeing our presence there was wonderful and the SCA was introduced to a lot of people who had not heard of it or were unaware of the extent of the European game. Many tales were told of adventures past and several quiet members told us they’ll be looking up their local group again.

I would like to thank Mistress Margaret de Mey for her confidence and constant support, Lord Erdgrimr and Lady Jahanara (Flintheath), Lady Edith of Hedingham and Master Thomas Flamanc (West Dragonshire) , Lady Ysabella-Maria Vasquez de Granada (Mynydd Gwyn), Baroness Oriane d’Avallon (Thamesreach), Mistress Ariel of Lindisfarne (West Dragonshire), Maisteri Juhana Maununpoika Kivisuo (Aarnimetsa), Lady Lalage la Peregrina (East Kingdom) , Mesterinde Anarra Karlsdottir (Barony of Beyond the Mountain) and Mesterinna Ana Ilevna (Barony of Beyond the Mountain), for helping as stall crew.

I would also like to thank Master Paul de Gorey (West Dragonshire), Lord Nicholas D’Estlache (Flintheath), Tero, Lady Delphina Bearcat (Flintheath), and Messirs Alastair and John of Thamesreach for putting on the combat displays and Master Thomas again for helping with the announcements.

All in all, a good time, some lessons learned for next time, and hopefully the SCA banners will fly again at Worldcon 2015 in Spokane, Washington.