Pól the Pelican is cheered in Wales

Barun Pól O'Briain was yesterday elevated to the Order of the Pelican by the King and Queen of Drachenwald. Under threatening skies at Raglan Castle in Wales the two-time Viceroy of Insulae Draconis was made a peer before a tearful crowd of his noble friends and well-wishers.

The peers who spoke for Barun Pól before King Leif and Queen Morrigan emphasised his teaching and his broad base of participation.

Barun Pól had sat vigil the night before in one of the few roofed rooms in the 15th Century castle, and had received royalty, peers and nobles as individuals and small groups. Outside the vigil room Viscountess Geneviève la Flechière, a Mistress of the Pelican, led a discussion on peerage.

At the same court Lady Edith of Hedingham was elevated to the Order of the Dragon's Bowl, Drachenwald's rarely given award for authenticity.

In a family moment, Lady Linnet de Covenham was granted arms immediately after her daughter Lady Angelica of Guildford was advanced to the Order of the Dragon's Pride and appointed Pursuivant of the Order. The Dragon's Pride is Drachenwald's youth arts award, and Lady Angelica's scroll cited her excellence as a herald.

The court decamped to the nearby encampment of the Brighthelm household where the King and Queen elevated Lord Christian Trenchard to the Order of the Dragon's Tear, Drachenwald's event management award, before adjourning.

Lady Arianhwy Wen was presiding Herald, and Lord Andrew von Oetellingen, a recent immigrant from the Outlands, assisted.

Prince Nasr and Princess Eleanor of Insulae Draconis conducted business in the court as well, and the Baron and Baroness of Caerthe in the Oatlands were in attendance.

Raglan Fair is the premier summer event of the Principality of Insulae Draconis. It is held in the ruins and grounds of Raglan Castle for ten days each August.