Caitlin of Enniskillen to Stand Vigil at Pennsic XXXIII

Their Royal Majesties of Meridies, Wernerhus and Lailiane, have asked Lady Caitlin of Enniskillen to stand in vigil for elevation to the Order of the Laurel at Pennsic XXXIII.

Formerly of Atlantia, Lady Caitlin has been a subject of Meridies for several years. She is held in high regard for her skills as a cook and seamstress. Lady Caitlin is an associate of Mistess Miriah of Lands End, OP and a member of the House of Oldcastle. Mistress Irina degli Schiavoni is her advocate in the Laurel circle.

All peers and members of her household are invited to offer words of advice to Lady Caitlin at her vigil, which will be held at the Oldcastle encampment on Wednesday evening of War Week. A reception for the populace will be held at the House Wild Rose encampment on Thursday afternoon. Lady Caitlin's elevation will take place in Meridian Royal Court at the Meridian encampment on Thursday.