Medieval Mercenary top ten

The Listverse website offers a top ten list of 10 Swashbuckling Mercenaries Who Ravaged Medieval Europe including Conrad Of Landau and Rodrigo de Villandrando.

From the website:

The late medieval period was a chaotic time in history. England and France were engaged in the Hundred Years’ War, and Italian city-states were fighting one another for supremacy in the peninsula. In the absence of permanent standing armies, combatants relied on mercenary companies to do the fighting for them. The temporary peace brought about by the Treaty of Bretigny in 1360 unleashed thousands of unemployed men-at-arms looking to pillage to sustain themselves. Many coalesced around charismatic and intrepid leaders into what became known as “free companies.” In Italy, they were known as condottieri. This word is derived from condotta, meaning “contract,” the instrument by which they put themselves in the service of the highest bidder. These soldiers of fortune were the late medieval version of Mafia bosses, making their living with murder, extortion, and terror.