Roman and Iron Age coins found together in Derbyshire cave

1st century Roman coins and coins from Iron Age tribes should not be found together, but that is excatly what happened recently when a local found the treasure buried in a Derbyshire, England cave. (photo)

The Iron Age coins originated with the East Midlands Corieltavi tribe, who pre-dated the Romans, and were not expected to be found in Derbyshire. “Was an individual simply hiding his ‘best stuff’ for safe keeping, or, perhaps speculating, in the hope that the value would increase in the future, like a modern-day ISA?" said Rachael Hall of the National Trust. “The situation of the cave can’t be ignored either. It could have been a sacred place to the Late Iron Age peoples that was taboo to enter in everyday life, making it a safe place that would ensure that person’s valuables were protected.”