Estrella War open positions

The main coordinators for Estrella War XXXI are seeking applicants for the positions of Estrella War Pre-Registration Coordinator and Deputy.

Greetings from the Main Coordinators for Estrella War XXXI.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have an urgent need to fill a critical War Staff Position. The Estrella War Pre-Registration Coordinator and Deputy Positions are now open.

Job Overview:

  • Updates Pre-Registration web page.
  • Arranges payment process through ACCEPS.
  • Ensures that person’s using ACCEPS receive confirmation of payment or provides confirmation if not available from ACCEPS.
  • Keeps accurate records of payment process.
  • Provides resolution of issues related to pre-registration.
  • Creates Pre-registration packets for front gate.
  • Coordinates the Pre-Registration team in the dissemination of the Pre-Registration packets at front gate.
  • With other Greater and Lesser Officers, implement and adhere to the financial and reporting guidelines in Section XIV: Estrella War.
  • Submits to the EW Regalia a Facility/Equipment Form (request for items specific to your department). Accountable for all equipment and supplies to the EW Regalia Coordinator

If you are interested, please submit a Letter of intent to KFC (KFC at Atenveldt dot org) and EW Main Event Stewards (Mains2015 at Estrellawar dot org)