SCA offers "a magical day" for Chicago mom and kids

On the Chicago Now blog, B and P's Mama writes of her experience of attending an SCA event with her sister and two kids. An avowed snob about nerd activities, she found that her kids had a magical day and the SCA might not be exactly what she expected.

B and P's Mama writes:

During the first hour or so, I eavesdropped on conversations and snickered. I had been expecting a bunch of extremely nerdy folks who use this society as a means of feeling important and superior and I was totally right. An opportunity for non-athletic men to feel athletic for a weekend. A chance for men who would never be considered tough or dangerous to wield weapons and wear homemade armor and feel like warriors. A weekend where women of all ages, shapes, and sizes can wear gowns and hats or wreaths of flowers in their hair and feel gorgeous OR can put on some armor and boots and do combat with large, sweaty men. And, you know what? That’s EXACTLY what it was. And what’s wrong with that? Once I got past my discomfort in the dress and my initial snobbery at not being someone who seeks out this sort of society, I kinda fell in love with it.