The Passing of Duchess Zarina Daeth

Duchess Zarina Daeth, twice Queen of the Middle Kingdom, is being fondly remembered after her life was claimed this week by ovarian cancer.

Duke Moonwulf writes:

I must sadly report that Lucinda Seaman, known in the Society as Zarina Daeth, Duchess of the Midrealm and Queen to Michael of Boarshaven and Moonwulf I, died of ovarian cancer and associated complications shortly after 11:30 PM CST in Mohamet, Illinois, in the house of an old friend where she was receiving final care.  In addition to her activities in the earlier, wilder days of the Middle Kingdom, she was also very active in Science Fiction Fandom and the  Dorsai Irregulars.  She was an integral part of Middle Kingdom history and her like will not be seen again.

Her wish was to be cremated, and a memorial service is planned with date and details yet to be determined, to take place sometime after mid- August, near Lafayette, Indiana.  More details will be passed on as they become available. You may pass this on to other appropriate lists.

Cherish your friends, because life is a storm.


Reposted on by kind permission of His Grace.