Pennsic 43 dance music available

Aaron Drummond and Meg Raynsford, Pennsic 43 Musician Coordinators, report that the Pennsic Pile, dance music for Pennsic War 43, is now available to download.

The Musician Coordinators write:

Dear Dancers and Musicians,

The Pennsic Pile for Pennsic 43 can now be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Copies available in the dance tent will be somewhat limited, so please print your own copy ahead of time if possible. Changes from last year include:

  • Additional Playford tunes: Dull Sir John, Maiden Lane
  • Additional 16th C Italian tunes: Chiaranzana, Caccia d'Amore
  • Additional Gresley tunes: Orange, Rawty, Roye; move all Gresley tunes from F to G
  • Additional basse danse tunes: La Allemande, Amours, Le Petit Rouen
  • New (freely usable) music for Chirintana
  • Period arrangements of Lorayne Alman, Montarde Bransle, Parsons Farewell
  • Remove restricted material: Petite Rose, Filles a Marier (petite rose will be available as a handout at Pennsic)
  • Remove rarely danced/experimental tunes: Broome, Row Well Ye Mariners, Tom Tinker, Pensand' al Partire (for experimental reconstruction)
  • Fixes for Black Nag, Pizocara, Fiamma d'Amore, If All the World were Paper

And as always, there are many opportunities to play for dancers at Pennsic.

Please see our schedule of revels, available by clicking the Pennsic 43 School of (European) Dance below.

Aaron Drummond and Meg Raynsford
Pennsic 43 Musician Coordinators