Reporter learns "strategy involved" in SCA combat at East Kingdom event

A backstage misstep led to an SCA career for Bronx, NY native Sirhan al Cyani (Dwayne Herron), who tripped over a fellow high school student's duffel bag during play practice revealing the other student's helmet.“He was in the SCA and was headed to practice in Central Park. I went with him to check it out, and I’ve been doing it ever since.” (photos)

Herron spoke to Molly Congdon of the Glenns Falls (New York) PostStar about life in the SCA when the reporter visited the East Kingdom's Northern Region War Camp at the Warren County Fairgrounds.

“Fighting is the most visible part of what we do and, from the outside, it looks like total chaos, but like any other athletic team sport, there is lots of strategy involved,” Herron said. “However, fighting is a small part of what we do. The most important is education, re-creating and keeping alive the skills of medieval artisans.”