New discoveries show Pictish heritage in Scotland

The Romans called the people of the north the "Painted Ones" due to their woad body painting, but little is known about the Pictish civilization. Now archaeologists working in Scotland's northern highlands have found evidence that the area may have been the people's power center.

The archaeological team studying the culture in the North is led by Dr Gordon Noble, a senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, who calls the four-year project "quite a revelation." Noble says, ‘We found a well-preserved brooch, quite a few animal bones and a particularly interesting object which was a whale’s tooth. It’s most likely that it came from a whale which beached somewhere nearby, which would be quite a sight for these people. But it looks as if they have used the tooth as a tool, which suggests that they will have stripped it further and made maximum use of what they found."

Workshops are planned to encourage volunteers to take part in the project.