Known World Players Auditions for Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”

Master Lorcan Dracontius has announced the audition schedule for The Known World Players’ production at Pennsic 44 of “The Merchant of Venice.”

The auditions will be held at Pennsic this year as follows:

  • Wednesday – August 6, 20104
    Time: 4 PM – 6 PM
    Place: Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
  • Friday – August 8, 20104
    Time: 2 PM – 4 PM
    Place: Performing Arts Pavilion

Auditions will be from script selections which will be provided.   While “head shots” are appreciated they are not required.

The 23 roles will be doubled into parts for thirteen players.  Master Lorcan is directing.  For complete details please visit the company’s audition page on their web site at the link below.