Baron Modar to become Pelican

This past weekend at Calontir's Feast of Eagles event, Their Royal Majesties Calontir, Siridean and Sile, granted a boon to Countess Lyriel de la Foret: to offer membership in the Order of the Pelican to Baron Modar Neznanich.

A roar of approval and many a joyful tear from the assembled populace accompanied Countess Lyriel's request, as well as Baron Modar's acceptance of the offer. His Excellency is noted throughout the Known World for his heraldry webpage and expertise. He also originated the office of Saker Herald in Calontir, served as the 8th Baron of Forgotten Sea with his wife, Baroness Brianna, and trains student-heralds (among MANY other services).

Baron Modar will sit an over-night vigil at the upcoming Tournament of Valor in Wichita, KS on Labor Day weekend, and will be elevated at the same event.

The article link leads to photos of the event (pictures of Baron Modar are in the bottom 4 rows).

The link to the pictures is actually...

The link to the pictures is actually:

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