Drachenwald Coronets found in Calontir

Ye Sunne in Splendour offers a humorous look at recent...incidents...involving luggage, airports, and...well, you know what happens when luggage encounters an airport.


Forgotten Sea? Forgotten Luggage!

By Political Editor

News was coming in today that the Queen’s baggage, raided by the forces of the Luft Hanseatic League had come to light in the Barony of Forgotten Sea (mka Kansas City Airport)! It remains to be seen whether the Heirs Coronets, and the massive wardrobe of Her Majesty remain inviolate. Drachenwald sources indicate that this is taken “Very seriously” and rumours of Military Manoevers continue. Ye Sunne did not contact anyone in Calontir. More news as it comes in, in Ye Sunne, the paper you can TRUST!

About Ye Sunne in Splendour

Ye Sunne in Splendour is (obviously) a joke publication, loosely modelled on the 'red top' British tabloid, which is similar to the Supermarket tabloid of the US, but with more news value, and (allegedly) lower morals.