Eternal tapestry: 4 years in the making

For 3 years and 10 months, Drachenwald Court Artisan Rakonczay Gergely has been weaving an amazingly-beautiful  tapestry, measuring 250x150cm. Now the finished work hangs on the wall and pictures of the work in progress tell the story.

In one of the first blog entries, Rakonczay Gergely writes:

The project began in August 2010. It is a tapestry 150cm high, 250cm wide. Origin of the cartoon is a Tapestry 5.1 in book: La Tapisserie Flamande, Guy Delmarcel. Tapestry woven in the Brussel, in Atelier de Francois Geubels 1560. Wool, silk, gold- and silver.

I am in Awe

My hat is off to this talented and patient person. The nearly four years of perserverance served them well. Vivat!