Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Results

Lady Ianuk provides a summary of the recent A&S competition in Atenveldt, along with a link to a photo album.

Lady Ianuk Raventhourne writes:

Greetings from the Sunny Lands of Atenveldt.

This past weekend was the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition. Below are the overall winners of the categories and a link to pictures of the event taken by Lord Godfrey von Rheinfels and Lady Ianuk Raventhourne.

Photos of the event appear at

A&S Champion
Lady Cecilia Kadzierzawa
Alchemy Advanced
Lord Ivan Petrovich "Vinegars, Malts and Cider"
Alchemy Novice
Mari of Tir Ysgithr "Soap"
Arms & Armor Advanced
Lord Donnsol Bouchinon "Szyszak"
Arms & Armor Novice
Marius Conner O' Canchobair "Leather Muscled Cuirass"
Cooking Advanced
Lady Catelin Munro of Ailsa "Tayle Fruit Pudding"
Costuming Pre 1450 Advanced
Lady Ianuk Raventhourne "Viking Dress"
Costuming Pre 1450 Novice
Christine von Gutten "10th cen Viking"
Costuming Post 1450 Advanced
Lady Cecilia Kadzierzawa "Cotehardieand Kirtle"
Costuming Post 1450 Novice
Christine von Gutten
Decorative/Fine Arts Advanced
Lady Dairine Mor'o ughigin "Parturition Bowl"
Demonstration projects Advanced
Atenveldt College of Musicians "Heart's Ease"
Footwear and Accessories Advanced
Lady Cecilia Kadzierzawa "Embroidered Elizabethan Hat"
Footwear and Accessories Novice
Christine von Gutten "Green wool 14th cen hood"
Glass Advanced
Lady Ianuk Raventhourne "10th cen trade beads"
Glass Novice
Catriona Tylwyth Teq "Kneeling Crusade"
Heraldic Display Advanced
Madame Jacquelin de Normandie "Silk Marriage Banner"
Heraldic Display Novice
Catriona Tylwyth Teq "Coat of Arms"
Instruments Advanced
Lord Alonso Giovanni "Horologium (Clock)"
Jewelry/Decorative Pieces
Advanced Lord Ivan Petrovich "Duck Pendant"
Lace Advanced
Lady Isabella Dati "White Scarf"
Manuscript Arts Advanced
Lady Cecilia Kadzierzawa "Baronial Champion Scroll"
Manuscript Arts Novice
Santierna ... Seachnasaigh "9th cen AOA scroll"
Metalwork Advanced
Lord Eric the Bald "Damacus blades"
Metalwork Novice
Lord Alonso Giovanni "Casting of device"
Needlework Advanced
Madame Jacquelin de Normandie "Dragon"
Needlework Novice
Lady Sorcha inghen "belt favor"
Performing Arts Advanced
Atenveldt College of Musicians "Pastime"
Performing Arts Novice
Lord Jean Andre Borye "Flik"
Pottery / Ceramics Advanced
Lady Dairine Mor'o ughigin "Phallus Plate"
Spirits/Brewing: Beers, Ales, Lagers Advanced
Lord Ivan Petrovich "Strong/Table Beers"
Spirits/Brewing: Wines, Meads Advanced
Nicolas de Navarre
Spirits/Non-brewed: Liqueurs and Cordials. Advanced
Lady Ianuk Raventhourne "Cherry Cordial"
Spirits/Non-brewed: Liqueurs and Cordials. Novice
Lady Anna Elisabeth "Kiss of clove"
Textile Arts Non-woven Advanced
Lord Orion Strombrvin
Textile Arts Woven Advanced
Lord Ivan Petrovich "Tablet woven Belt"
Textile Arts Woven Novice
Lady Sorcha inghen "Inkle Loom Belts"
Tools / Models Advanced
Lord Ivan Petrovich "Needles"
Tools / Models Novice
Lord Ragnar the Skinn Illustrator "Early Hammer (The Rocks)"
Toys & Games Advanced
Lady Dairine Mor'o ughigin "Anamorphe Plate"
Woodworking Advanced
Lord Phillip the Skeptic "Drinking Vessel"
Woodworking Novice
Mistress Meadhbh "Dove Cote"
Writing Fiction Advanced
Lady Annick Maguerite Gobelin "Renaissance Drama"
Writing Non-fiction Advanced
Lady Sorcha inghen "Cochinial Report"

Merit Scroll M' lord Philip Sinclair (He's only 4!) Populace Choice
Novice Static Arts - Lord Egan Smilebringer
Advanced Static Arts - Lord Alonso Giovanni
Novice Preforming Arts - Lord Jean Andre Borye
Advanced Preforming Arts - Lady Eleanor Cleavely Youth Champion
M'lady Lily