Known World Children's Fete volunteers needed

Lady Aine O Grienan is seeking volunteers to help with the Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 43. The fun-filled afternoon will take place the Wednesday of War Week.

Lady Aine writes:

Good gentles, we are looking for volunteers for the annual Known World Children's Fete to take place at Pennsic this year. Please cross-post to other lists to which you may be a part.

Each year, on the Wednesday of War Week, we celebrate the youth of the Society by providing younger members a fun filled afternoon at Pennsic War. However, the party cannot take place without the generous volunteers who give of their time and energy each year.

So we are again looking for volunteers! We need folks to help set up (noon-1pm) and break down (4pm-5pm) the fete; to work at the sign in table; to assist at group tables; to work at the refreshment table; etc.

We are also looking for groups who are willing to sponsor an activity for the fete by providing volunteers and supplies. We still need A LOT of booths. Some of the activities we have had in the past include mask making, face painting, finger loop braiding, banner making, period board games, leather working, bead making, illumination, weaving, Middle Eastern Dance, period dancing, nerf archery and needlepoint, just to name a few. We have also had jugglers, puppet shows and story tellers to entertain the children, so performers are always welcome as well.

Finally, we are always looking for people willing to donate prizes to be given to the children. If your group or household is looking for a way to help out, please consider working at the Fete!

The booths that we currently have covered or know we need help with are:

Origami - Rose Barfoot - needs helpers
Coloring - Baroness Judith the Confused
Yarn Dolls - Lady Katarzyna Witkowska
Foolishness - Lady Illya the Foole - the more fools the merrier
Balloon Animals - Lady Illya the Foole - needs balloons and helpers
Bardic - Lord Richard Wyn - calling bardic talents
Activity Table - Mistress Rhonwen verch Tuder
Foam Sword Play - Master Flaithr Cearnaigh - we need a lot of fighters
Check-in/Troll - Baroness Cairistiona de Coueran - needs helpers
Chirurgeon - Dame Morwenna Trevethan - needs helpers to water everyone
Snacks - Barony of The Sacred Stone

Their Royal Highnesses of Caid, Agrippa & Bridget, are bringing aid to be determined

I am still looking for a group or several together to sponsor the bounce house (about $285).

This year, the Fete will take place between 1pm and 4pm on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 in The Great Hall. Remember that you are not committed to staying the whole time if you volunteer. Any aid that you are willing to give will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, please contact Lady Aine O Grienan at (336) 499-7150 or

In service to the children!

Tammy Reid/Lady Aine O Grienan