The art of SCA naming

One for the most challenging tasks of a newcomer in the Society for Creative Anachronism is choosing an SCA name, one that will satisfy both the user and the heralds whose job it is to register it. In a recent article for the blog Wulfhere's Devices, Wulfhere of Eofeshamme of Calontir shares advice for new members on how to choose a good name.

From the article:

When choosing a name there are three simple questions that must be answered when one creates a persona for the SCA. They are who, where, and when. Who is the persona, what culture is he or she a part of, what language does he or she speak? Where does the persona live? Has he or she always lived there? And finally, when did the persona live? Until a SCA member can answer those questions there is no use in picking out a name. To pick out a name a member needs to know what people the persona is a part of, what language would the name be in, and when the persona lived. Once a SCA member knows those things he or she are ready to choose a name for his or her persona.