SCA Artisans Get Recognition With the SCA Artisan Love Project

The Middle Kingdom's A&S Pentathlon Champion is shining the light on the amazing artisans of the Society with the SCA Artisan Love project, which showcases those artisans who inspire us with their beautiful artifacts, period processes, hard-sought research, infectious enthusiasm, and just plain amazing work.

This writing project features interviews, histories, and artifact details from each SCA artisan, as well as a detailed photo tutorial of one of the artisan's signature skills so we can all learn from them. Artisans already highlighted include THL Sayyida Halima bint al-Rabi’i (with a wet felted hat tutorial) and THL Eva vanOldeBroek (with a basic sprang tutorial), both from the region of Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom. Come be inspired by these artisans and learn something new. Nominations are being accepted for artisans in the Middle Kingdom and the Knowne World, too!