No Red Cross Blood Drive for Pennsic 43

Scheduling conflicts have resulted in the cancellation (for this year only) of the American Red Cross blood drive that has been held near Pennsic War for the past few years.

Baroness Angelique, who has been the SCA-side coordinator in recent years, writes:

Greetings Good Gentles of the Known World

Due to scheduling issues, the Red Cross Blood Drive for this year has been cancelled.  We look forward to hosting the drive again next year (Pennsic 44/August 2015).

In the meantime, if possible, please donate locally to help with the nationwide shortage.

Thank you for your continued support.

Baroness Angelique
Pennsic Blood Drive Coordinator (Vampire)

In recent years, the American Red Cross has sponsored a blood drive at the church just across Currie Road from the site of Pennsic War. Cooperation from the Cooper's Lake Campground and the Pennsic Mayor, Chirurgeonate, and other staff, has provided non-medical volunteers to the blood drive and has allowed Red Cross minivans to carry blood donors from Pennsic's main entrance directly to the blood drive site. The blood drive is usually held on the Friday of Peace Week and the Monday of War Week.