Open Audition Call for the Pennsic Commedia All Stars Troupe!

OPEN CALL! If you are going to Pennsic and would like to perform in a commedia dell' arte play with the troupe named "Pennsic Commedia All Stars" please let me know!  The All Stars is a troupe that exists only at Pennsic, very much inspired by the Known World Players. 

A scenario will be sent around ahead of time to those who sign up by the deadline, we will rehearse every day for a week at Pennsic, and we will perform the show on Thursday night of War Week on the main Performing Arts Stage.


DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Midnight on Friday June the 13th
REHEARSALS: 10:30am - 12:30pm every morning August 1-7 at the Amphitheater
PERFORMANCE: 8:30pm on Thursday, August 7

This project is based on many years of pulling together friends at Pennsic to do a commedia play for my household, Red Winged Lion, and Casa Bardicci. I'm just moving the performance to the big stage.

To sign up, please reply here, send me a private message via Facebook, or email me at dmoas-performance AT Please include what character you want to play and how much experience you have playing commedia.  All skill levels are welcome!

Yea Commedia!!

--Lady Sophia the Orange
Atlantia Deputy MOAS for Performing Arts
Capocomico, i Firenzi