Pennsic and SCA OTC Policy Clarification

Dame Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur, Society Chirurgeon General, has asked that we publish a clarification to the recent article on OTC medications at Pennsic.

Dame Eleanor, in Chirurgeon General mode, needs to make a clarification here, because I think it might be a little confusing on who decided on this policy and what may be happening Society-wide otherwise. I've already fielded a question on this.

Mistress Aine writes: (snipped)

In the past they have been kept in the small "help yourself" cupboard. Due to increasing legal concerns, these products will no longer be available at the Point for self use . This includes, but is not limited to: aspirin, Motrin (generic too), cold and allergy products,antacids, etc.

Please plan ahead.

We will be providing sunscreen and calamine lotion for those who forget their own supply.

We will be providing all of the other first aid treatment as usual.

This decree has been formulated on the Corporate and Autocrat level. Please refrain fron tying up the list with discussions about this issue.

We sincerely regret any inconvience this may cause.

As we have said, please plan ahead. This planning should include OTC and prescription meds, extra glasses, extra Epi Pens, extra inhalers, and whatever else you will need to stay well.

The Point will be open for business this Saturday.

Remember to be well rested before beginning your Pennsic road trip.

In Service,
Aine, for the Pennsic Chirurgeonate

The Chirurgeon General's office (i.e. the Society level) never said that OTCs are banned from Pennsic point. This was a Pennsic decision and purely a Pennsic decision, and I suspect the CIC staff and/or the Autocrat may have a short statement there on why they chose to do this. If there was Society level input on this decision, it wasn't from the Chirurgeon General office, as some may infer from Mistress Aine's statement. Pennsic doesn't have to fund and make available OTCs if they don't want to. It's always been done as a courtesy. The Pennsic staff has chosen to take a very conservative approach on OTC meds, and this is their choice and it doesn't violate any chirurgeon policies.

The Society policy on OTCs as listed in the Chirurgeons' Handbook has not been changed in any way. The chirurgeonate is not required to provide OTC medications, nor are chirurgeons banned throughout the SCA from carrying OTCs in their personal kits if they so choose while following the Handbook policy on OTCs. The entire policy manual for Chirurgeons was reviewed thoroughly at the corporate level, and a number of issues were evaluated by the Legal committee, and I am comfortable with the policies. Since I'm in near the top of the liability legal food chain, I do take the handbook policies very seriously. I hope this answers a few questions on this issue.

In short, the decision to not provide OTCs at Pennsic was made by Pennsic staff and this decision did not originate from the Chirurgeon General office. The OTC policy as delineated in the Chirurgeons' Handbook is not changing in any way.

If you have any other questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I remain in service to the SCA,
Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur, OP
Chirurgeon General

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