Richard III: An Overview

The verdict is finally in: the remains of Richard III, England's last medieval king, will be laid to rest, with great pomp and circumstance, in Leicester Cathedral after judges put an end to requests that he be buried in York. The BBC's Greig Watson has an overview of the Richard saga. (photos)

Watson writes:

When archaeologists began excavating the former Greyfriars church in Leicester, few would have imagined how events would turn out. Most saw it as a chance to explore the city's medieval past, spiced with a million-to-one shot of finding the lost grave of Richard III. But every day of the excavation left the archaeologists, then the authorities and eventually the world, increasingly agog at what was being discovered. Now, 20 months, one (famous) skeleton, tens of thousands of pounds and lots of stress, effort and lawyers later, surprisingly little about the king under the car park has been resolved.