Don't mess with this doll!

Tired of your bunny-furred, Viking Barbie? Bored with her Renaissance corsets and undies? Then considering contributing to Faire Play, a 3D printed suit of plate mail that's compatible with the Barbie Fashionistas line of dolls, that allows your Barbie to kick some butt in full, plate armor. (photo, video)

Developed by Jim Rodda, the Open Source, Kickstarter project offers a 3D, printed suit of plate armor, constructed of biodegradable plastic. The software to print the armor is available to download free of charge, but Rodda would like to take the design farther.

Rodda writes:

The field plate armor depicted in the photos and video above is a nice-enough prototype, good enough for patrolling the battlements at Stonemist Castle. But wearing it to a meeting of the Kingsguard? To the Council of Elrond? To prom? Honestly.

A fully funded Kickstarter will enable me to design and produce the next iteration of the prototype armor, a favolosa e bellissima ensemble that befits a lady of Barbie's high station.