Poland and US take honors in Medieval Combat World Championships

The Medieval News blog followed activities from the Medieval Combat World Championships, which took place May 1 - 4, 2014 at Belmonte Castle in Spain. Men and women both competed in longsword combat with Poland's Marcin Waszkielis taking the honors for Poland and Suzanne Elleraas placing first for the United States. (photos, video)

Australian Martin Cazey, a fighter for Battle Heritage - Great Britain, was intereviewed about the event by NTD.TV. "Fair-play is big part of this sport. I always find it interesting that everybody looks at this sport and thinks it's an incredibly violent sport. To a certain extent it is, but it's all taken out on the field and as soon as the fight is over we help each other up off the ground, we give each other a hug and go and buy a beer for each other."