"Quivers and Quarrels" needs articles

Sir Jon FitzRauf, co-editor of Quivers and Quarrels, reports that material is needed for the summer edition of the SCA wide archery E-newsletter.

The Summer issue of the SCA wide archery E-newsletter, Quivers and Quarrels, is now being put together. There will be a new chronicler for the upcoming issues.

The Summer issue needs more archery articles, write ups and photos of archery events, photos of archers in period garb using period style gear, archery themed poetry, and other archery related submissions. This is your chance to share your archery knowledge and write ups of events with others. If you know of someone that is outstanding in archery, that would make a good subject for an interview, please let us know. If you have something to submit or wish more information, please contact, Sir Jon FitzRauf, co-editor at: sirjon1@pacbell.net   .

Quivers and Quarrels also is looking for an artist that can do illustrations for some of the submitted articles. If you are interested please let us know.

Back issues of Q&Q may be seen at the link below.

Please cross-post to other archery groups.

Sir Jon FitzRauf, co-editor of Quivers and Quarrels.