New Chronicler needed for "Quivers and Quarrels"

Quivers and Quarrels, the SCA archery E-newsletter, is looking for a new Chronicler/editor. The current Chronicler will be leaving due to mundane job requirements.

If you are interested in becoming the Chronicler, please submit your SCA and mundane resume to the SCA Publications manager at:  Or if you know of someone that may be interested, please let them know.  Feel free to cross post this to any interested groups.

The position needs to be filled as soon as possible because the Summer issue deadline is coming up.

The basic list of qualifications for the Quivers and Quarrels Chronicler are:

  • Experience with writing or editing

  • Printing or publishing experience, which may be in SCA publications (or a deputy with those skills to serve as newsletter editor)

  • Balance and judgment in matters political

  • A working telephone
Regular contact with Archery activities

  • Reliable email/internet access

  • Ability to meet the ongoing requirements to meet deadlines and provide information as requested.
    • Reliable email and internet access.
    • Willingness to do the job.
    • Time to do the job.
    • Be a member of the SCA archery community.

Thank you.

Sir Jon FitzRauf,
Co-editor, Quivers and Quarrels