Lilies War offers tour for non SCAdians

Officials of Lilies War, which takes place June 13-22, 2014 at Smithville Lake in Clay County, Missouri, have announced that tours for the public will be available June 15, 2014.

From the Lilies War Tour flyer:

On Sunday June 15th, during Lilies War, the Kingdom of Calontir invites you to come and see what we enjoy so much. Come see the archery, the shopping, the classes, the tents, the fighters, and the working viking ship.

On the hour from 11am until 1pm we will have tours leaving from the parking lot. Each tour will last approximately 2 hours. These tours will be done on foot, so please wear comfortable shoes.

June 15th 2014
Lilies War

Kelsey Short Youth Camp
Smithville Lake
Clay County, MO

There is no charge for these tours.

The flyers may be printed and freely distributed.