Quatrefoil stone helps trace history of Codnor Castle

Codnor Castle, a 13th century stone keep and bailey fortress, is a fragile ruin in Derbyshire, England about which little is known, but the discovery of a 13th century stone quatrefoil may help experts learn more about the structure.

The quatrefoil device, a traditional Christian decorative symbol, was found on a stone being used as a step into a barn. Castle trustees immediately contacted Mercian Archaeological Services for help in determining the significance of the find. “In terms of the value of information that the find will give us, it’s absolutely 
priceless. It will help us put a more solid date to the castle and will give us a good indication of the status of the castle at the time of use. When you put everything together all the evidence shows us that everything is from the early 13th century,” said Rokia Brown, chairman of the Codnor Castle Trust.