Roman house subject of 2014 dig at Maryport

Roman Maryport, near the western edge of Hadrian's Wall, has produced a number of interesting artifacts in previous digs. In 2014, archaeologists will focus on the investigation of a large, 3-room, stone-strip building discovered in 2013. (pictures)

Based on last year's discoveries, experts believe the building may have been a shop with living quarters on an upper level since excavations uncovered "whetstones for sharpening blades and tools, glass beads and remains of pots for processing food."

“Excavations in the civilian settlement give us an opportunity to bring to life the ordinary people who provided services to the troops – shops selling food and souvenirs, workshops repairing armour and other equipment, inns and hostels, and houses of merchants and traders," said Nigel Mills, the heritage advisor to the Hadrian's Wall Trust.