Pennsic 2014 - Known World Children's Fete

The 2014 Pennsic - Known World Children's Fete will be held in the Great Hall on Wednesday of War Week, August 6th, from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Letters have gone out to all the Known World Monarchs. We would like to encourage those that work with youth in the various kingdoms to assist their crowns in coming up with ideas of ways to join in the fun. We know that it is sometimes hard to find extra room to transport supplies but if everyone does a little, it all works out.

Here are some ideas of past activities:

Banner/Shield Decorating

Interlocking/ whip cording/spoon tossing

Bead stringing, knucklebones, gods eyes


Bean Bag Toss

Mask making

Beginning Needlepoint

Mini Trebuchet firing contests

Board games


Bobbing for apples

Necklace making

Booty/Goody bag decorating


Bubble Swords & bubble station


Checker tournaments

Palio Races

Children's Archery (Nerf)

Paper toy making

Children's Illumination

Pennsic Journal making

Climb thru cubes

Period Board Games

Crown decorating

Period Dancing

Doll making

Plague rat shoot

Dragon Making

Pouch Decorating


Puppets and/or Puppet Show

Face painters

Quest/scavenger hunt

Fairy Houses

Quiet Station-coloring and blocks

Fan decorating


Favor making

Roaring Lions Head Toys

Felt heraldry

Siege the Castle game

Finger Loop Braiding


Finger Weaving

Themed Ring Toss (Castle, Dolphin, etc.)

Floating fish bowl ping pong toss

Viking bead necklace making

Foam Sword Play / Jousting

Wandering Jugglers/Entertainers

Gypsy "fighting"

Water activities

Heraldic cookie decorating

Water balloon egg toss game

Hobby horse jousting

Woven bookmarks




Please join us in making this year the best one ever.  If you want to be in on the discussion and are not already a member, please join the Yahoo Group at [the link below].  Please indicate in the message where you are from and your interest in joining.  Once there, you can add your name and activity to the database for this year.  If you do not wish to join, please let us know your plans and we will make sure to include space for you.

If you have any questions, please contact me by sending an email to twolfpax at  Thank you and I look forward to meeting more new friends this year.

Lady Aine O Grienan, 2014 Known World Children's Fete Coordinator

Countess Ysabella Cacemoine, Rose Sponsor