Invitation to the Enchanted Ground

Duke Cariadoc of the Bow has issued his annual invitation to experience the Enchanted Ground at Pennsic.

His Grace writes:

This Pennsic, as usual, I will be hosting an in persona encampment. The basic requirements are:

  1. Being willing to interact as your persona while within the boundary of the encampment and outside your own tent.

    That doesn't mean that you have to be a scholar of your persona's time and place, merely that you have to remember that you are speaking from the point of view of your persona, not from the point of view of a modern person.
  2. Having no visible gear that is obviously and unnecessarily out of period.

    "Obviously" means that garb made from modern synthetics is fine as long as it looks reasonably close to period fabric. "Unnecessarily" means that if you need glasses to be able to see well enough to function, you can wear modern glasses and the rest of us will ignore them. The basic idea isn't to do a perfect job of being authentic, which isn't doable, but to make it possible to maintain the illusion within the encampment that we are period people at some indefinite time and place in SCA period. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. Anyone who wants to visit is also welcome, as long as he is willing to meet those requirements while in the encampment.

I expect to be running a bardic circle every evening of the second week, from dark to about midnight. Visitors do not have to perform—you are welcome to come and listen. The only constraint is that you not do anything that breaks the illusion--which would include using a flashlight or discussing the question of whether or not the song you are about to sing is in period. If you want to perform, your piece does not have to be actually period, although period pieces, or pieces composed in the Society in a period form, are nice, but it should not be obviously out of period.

Feel free to email me with any questions, or to let me know if you would like to camp with us. Also feel free to pass the message on to anyone you think might be interested, including any other kingdom mailing lists--I'm not currently on all of them.

David Friedman