Lief and Morrigan new Prince and Princess of Drachenwald

Aryanhwy reports that Jarl Lief Wolfsonne was the winner of the April 5, 2014 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. His Highness was inspired in His endeavor by Countess Morrigan of Temair.

Prince Lief defeated Sir Atli, fighting for Countess Cecilia, in the final bout of the tournament which took place in De Gouw Polderslot (Netherlands).


We apologize for the error!

We accidentally misspelled His Highness' name, leading to confusion in our own minds as well as yours! The information has been corrected, with spelling of names from

Thank you for making us aware of the error!


Umm, Northshield?

We all recognize that Northshield is not in Drachenwald, right?

Norhtshield has apprently annexss Drachenwald!

And here I thought our Corwn Tourney was next weekend!  Better book a flight to go meet our new Heirs!


"Northshield taken over by Drachenwald" ;)