Ken Theriot Celebrates “Outlaws and Bystanders”

Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie of Tobermory introduces his new album of historical and SCA-focused music, written by himself and his wife, Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont.

From the press release:

Ken Theriot (Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie of Tobermory) has been recording and releasing music specifically for the SCA since the 90s. His last album, "Human History," (2008) consisted primarily of original songs written by Ken and his wife, Lisa Theriot (Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont). Several songs from “Human History” have become quite popular throughout the SCA, including "Agincourt," "Band of Brothers," and "The Feast Song". These songs serenade many a traveler on their long journeys to events, and are shared by bards throughout the Known World. They have even been sung by armies marching to battle.

Ken has released a new album, entitled "Outlaws and Bystanders," which debuted at Gulf Wars XXIII. As with "Human History," most songs on the new album were written by Ken and Lisa Theriot. An excerpt from the liner notes (downloadable from the Raven Boy Music site) describes the album like this: "So, what does “Outlaws & Bystanders” mean? Well, “Human History” featured a number of personal stories of events, but often told by the king, or the guy in charge. “Outlaws & Bystanders” includes stories from the other guys, the guys who served as a backdrop to the main story, or ran far enough afoul of the guy in charge that their life and freedom was in jeopardy. This doesn’t always make them bad guys—when the law is unjust, the just man is outlaw—but it usually makes them interesting. Enjoy."

The songs on "Outlaws and Bystanders":

  1. Soldier of God
  2. Utopia
  3. Robin Hood and the Beggar Knight
  4. Morte d’Arthur (Bernstein/Theriot)
  5. The Dragon
  6. Lament of the Combat Archer
  7. Dogs of War
  8. Little Egypt
  9. William Tell
  10. Men of the Isles
  11. Queen of Lilies (Kramer/Thewlis)
  12. The Ride of El Cid

The album is available for purchase on iTunes and all the other major music download and streaming services. Physical CDs are available from CD Baby.